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HDE Event Group understands the importance of "Prom." It is the most talked about event all year round. We know the students look forward to this school event every year. After working so hard in the classroom and getting ready to graduate after four years, it is a must that you provide them with a great entertainment group that will get all the classmates involved. Prom is one of the last events that all the students get to be together before they graduate and are sent off to their future endeavors.


HDE provides the most upbeat and energized dance floors when it comes to your prom. We make sure all the students are on the dance floor having a great time. HDE makes it fun and enjoyable for everyone even involving teachers, faculty, and staff! HDE will make your prom; " The prom to talk about " and we will make sure the students' have the best time of their lives.







Hi Def Entertainment also offers services for any type of school event of function. Check out our videos below from different school functions and events!





Our production package for proms is like no other. We include unique crowd enhancements along with state of the art audio equipment. Our custom lighting design will turn the atmosphere into a club-like setting. Our pictures and prom videos speak for itself. Please be sure to check our prom highlight videos.